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Holiday Safety at Work: Managing Stress and Safety

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and festivity. However, it can also bring about unique challenges in the workplace, ranging from increased stress levels to potential safety hazards. As businesses gear up for the holiday rush, it’s essential to prioritise both the well-being of employees and maintaining a safe work environment. The … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Working and Driving Safely in Winter

As the temperature drops and we all collectively agree that the only thing colder than the weather is our enthusiasm for it, winter is fast approaching. The chilly season comes with its own set of challenges, especially for those who need to work and commute. Each year, snow, ice, wind, rain, and fog impact the … Continued

Unlock the Power of VR in Health and Safety Training

In recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has made significant strides in various industries, and one of the most promising applications is in health and safety training. Traditionally, safety training courses have relied on lectures, manuals, and practical exercises. While we do not wish to dismiss the importance of traditional training, VR has emerged as … Continued

Make it a Priority: Effective Strategies for Promoting Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Prioritising mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is not only beneficial for individuals but also for organisations as a whole. The mental health of employees directly impacts their productivity, job satisfaction, and overall wellbeing. Valuing your teams’ mental health and wellbeing might just lead to increased motivation, creativity, and productivity. However, neglecting this crucial … Continued

Safety Culture vs Compliance – Why Both Matter

When you hear the terms “safety culture” and “compliance”, it’s easy to think they’re interchangeable. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Both elements are key in running a successful, safe, and lawful organization, yet they serve different purposes.So, what is the difference between safety culture and compliance? Why is it vital that … Continued

The Benefits of eLearning: Why it’s a Game Changer for Health and Safety

In today’s digital era, it isn’t surprising that eLearning is rapidly replacing traditional classroom-style training. The eLearning industry has grown over 900% since 2000 and only continues to grow exponentially. The rise in its popularity is linked to the numerous benefits that extend to both the company and its employees from this mode of learning. … Continued

Breaking the Mold: Challenging Stereotypes About Health and Safety

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘health and safety’? Do you think of unnecessary interference, maybe unfair enforcement, or just downright ‘killjoys’? Or do you think of a core value that is significant in safeguarding employees’ health, safety and wellbeing, enhancing productivity, and strengthening businesses’ reputation? Health and safety, once considered … Continued

Protecting Your Business: 5 Common Workplace Fire Hazards and How to Prevent Them

Fires can devastate buildings, workplaces, and lives in a matter of minutes. With the power to cause major damage to property and delays to project deadlines, a fire could set back or potentially end all your hard work. Most importantly, fires can pose a serious threat to life. Fire Risk Assessments are therefore an essential … Continued